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Each and every commercial property insurance claim is unique in how it must be presented to the insurance company. As a business owner, what you want to know is when you can get back to business.

Many decisions must be made to begin the complex commercial claim process and as your National Commercial Public Insurance Adjusters, National Adjusters, Inc. is available to handle any loss situation. Being one of the nations Commercial Adjusters we are more than qualified to navigate your insurance claim and maximize your financial recovery in a timely fashion.

Commercial Services Include:

Analysis of your commercial property insurance policy: National Adjusters will identify the types and extent of coverage your policy provides (i.e., whether you have “actual cash value” or “replacement cost” coverage). Damage Inventory and Estimate: National Adjusters will assist in the inventory of your damaged property items and assess their value and level of loss. Replacement Analysis: National Adjusters will assess the cost of replacing your lost assets and determine how much of it is covered by your insurance policy. Rebuilding Estimates: National Adjusters will estimate the cost of rebuilding your home or business structure and determine how much of it may be covered by your insurance policy. Income Loss Assessment: National Adjusters will assess your loss of income due to the incident. Data Compilation: National Adjusters will assemble all data necessary to support your claim. Claim submission: We are familiar with all the steps and forms which are necessary to submit your claim, and will complete this cumbersome task for you.

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