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Types Of Claims

New Property Insurance Claims

Even before contact-using the insurance company it is best to contact-us National Adjusters when to file for a property insurance claim. By contact-using National Adjusters before sending the claim application to your insurance company, we not only prevent the common mistakes from occurring but we document your insurance claim for maximum benefit. At National Adjusters we ensure that there are no loopholes when it comes to filing your claims and we prevent all potential delays in the claim process for YOU the insured.

Pending Insurance Claims Already Filed

Even if you have already been paid a small amount or received just an offer for a part of your insurance claim, National Adjusters can take over from that point. We offer our clients FREE claim evaluations and we only get paid if we can discover areas of underpayment and/or items that were left out of your insurance settlement. As your public adjuster we will re-document and cross-reference every aspect of your property insurance claim and check the things that were not originally included or were under paid. National Adjusters will work to maximize the total amount that you finally receive from the insurance company.

Re-open File or Supplement Insurance Claims

By law we are allowed to reopen an insurance claim (Example in Florida you have 2 years from the date of loss or breach) if you were not adequately compensated in the first instance, as your public adjuster we will make process easier and quicker. We will find areas of underpayment and/or items that were left out of your insurance settlement. Statute of Limitations mentions the period of time between the date of loss and the deadline for you to file a lawsuit for a claim.

Underpaid Claims or Claim Denial

As a National Public Adjuster we have reviewed numerous insurance claim denials and have found coverage for many for them. We work as and with a team of loss experts, appraisers, engineers, contractors, geologists and attorneys to reassess your losses and look into all documents that were prepared and submitted for the claims. We leave no stone unturned to get you the justified claims that you rightfully deserve.

Whenever a disaster or calamity strike, our first priority is to offer you all possible help to recover from your stressful losses.

We will then proceed to file your insurance claims against the property loss.

Filing For Claims Through a Public Adjuster We know how traumatic property damage can be, working around papers and going through a lengthy and tedious process to file for claims is even more disturbing. That’s why we offer you all the support as your public adjuster – working exclusively in the favor of you, the insured!

Once you contact-us National Adjusters we will then assess the total damage caused to your residential, condominium or commercial property. Losses caused to commercial property also impact the business and your earnings and we do take them into account. We then assist you in filing for the insurance claim. For this we require a copy of your insurance policy’s Declarations Page as this helps to determine applicable coverage for the perils that the property insured against. We then prepare a claim report on structural damage and prepare a physical personal property inventory on our claim forms. Next we will then take into account and document any additional living expenses, loss of rent, and business income claims as per your insurance policy coverage. The total claim estimates are then forwarded to the insurance company representative for evaluation and adjustment.

As your public adjuster and/or Insurance Appraiser, National Adjusters will meet your insurance company representatives to ensure that your claim is adjusted fairly and equitably, and results in an acceptable settlement to you. National Adjusters, Inc. are considered the best advocates and loss experts in Nation. We will support the claim and negotiate to ultimately win the maximum claim amount for you.

Want to know more about the type of claims that we help you with or have any other questions pertaining to our claim filing processes? Give us a call 800-393-1623 or email us at

As the policyholder's advocate, National Adjusters, Inc. never works for the insurance company. Please visit the different types of damage pages which explain how we obtain the most money for you concerning your particular type property claim.