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As Public Adjusters for National Adjusters, we handle claims throughout Country. We offer Public Insurance Adjusting services, Insurance Appraisal services as well as Loss Consultant Services for homeowners, condominium owners, condominium associations and business owners. We also can provide you with an Insurance Umpire should you need an impartial, unbiased Umpire on a claim dispute.

When it comes to hiring a Public Adjuster, Insurance Appraiser or a Loss Consultants you will want the best, someone with a proven track record of success, someone that has handles thousands of claims successfully over the years. National Adjusters group of professionals have a proven track record of successfully settling thousands of property damage claims over the past several decades. Why is are we better than all the other public adjusters? We feel that our clients are our bread and butter, we understand that a happy client is the best form of advertising and when the dust settles, when our clients refer us to their friends and family it validates our Public Adjusting service. National Adjusters looks forward to serving you. As a National Public Adjuster our job is to maximize and expedite your financial recovery, in other words his job is to get the you most money in the quickest amount of time with regards to your property insurance claim. National Adjusters has a large established area of expertise that is unmatched in the Country. Our service area includes all 50 States (except Alabama as a Public Adjuster). National Adjusters is here to provide homeownerscondominium owners and associations and also business owners with the leading public adjusting, insurance appraisal and disaster consulting services


National Adjusters is considered one of the Top National Public Adjuster firms and insurance appraisers in the Country. We have adjusted the most complex of commercial and condominium claims to smaller homeowners-claims. When it comes to knowledge of the insurance claims environment our ability is unsurpassed.

All of our Public Adjusters & Appraisers Pay Attention To Detail

Insurance claims require the utmost training and knowledge when it comes to getting the largest settlements. Knowing what the insurance policy allows for and what it does not is a distinct advantage for you if you have the right public adjuster or insurance appraiser handling your claims. We have a track record for being very thorough and having a unique ability to seeing things other adjusters do not


NATIONAL ADJUSTERS, INC. is unlike any other Public Adjusting firm, we have the ability to team you up with professionals like Insurance Attorneys, Restoration Contractors, Plumbers, Loss Consultants, Insurance Appraisers, Estimators, Structural Engineers and Real Estate Professionals. Because these established relationships have been developed it enables us to to much more profitable results for our clients


You will have ONE dedicated Public Adjuster or Insurance Appraiser for your claim, not a patchwork of several adjusters like some companies do. For example, some well known Public Adjusting company uses one person to do the intake/sales, a estimator to scope the damage and another insurance adjuster to negotiate the settlement, and then another person to handle the insurance appraisal (Charging an additional fee) We do not charge an additional fee for appraisals (when we handle the public adjuster claim first). That is NOT an effective strategy when adjusting a loss. We do it all, and you benefit greatly from that as our Public Adjusters are highly trained and know the inside and out of all of his claims.